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Comprehensive and reliable marine surveying services for shipowners, operators, charterers, and cargo stakeholders.

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vehicles on cargo ship

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Discover our comprehensive marine surveying services designed to meet the unique needs of the maritime industry.

Navigating Maritime Excellence: Our Comprehensive Marine Surveying Services

Welcome to Asian Marine Surveyors (Pvt) Ltd., your trusted partner for comprehensive and reliable marine surveying services. Our commitment to maritime excellence is reflected in a diverse array of services designed to meet the unique needs of shipowners, operators, charterers, and cargo stakeholders. Explore our offerings and discover how AMS can elevate the safety and efficiency of your maritime operations.

Asian Marine Surveyors (Pvt) Ltd is a leading organization providing marine surveying and cargo inspection services. We are proud members of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of survey and inspection activities to meet the needs of our clients in the maritime industry.

As a marine surveying and consultancy organization, our maritime expertise encompasses the entire range of survey and inspection activities. Our bunker surveying arm rigorously seeks to maintain its high efficiency in meeting customer’s demands which has proved very successful and resulted in significant cost savings for our clients. Not only that we also serve as ‘protective surveyors’ on charterers’ or owners’ behalf and at the same time ensuring that only the best marine surveying and business ethics are practiced.

We choose to work with a handful of clients and rather than grow to an unmanageable size we have chosen to maintain a niche presence for our businesses allowing our consultants/surveyors to become an integral part of our clients' business and ensure that their objectives are met and surpassed in the spirit of a true partnership. From day one of our engagement our clients recognize that our focus is the performance of their business.

A solid foundation of the Company’s infrastructure has been established reflecting the promising future of Marine Surveying and enhancing its position as a leading global marine surveying and inspection company.

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer
  • Draft Surveys

  • Bunker Quantity Surveys

  • Loading / Unloading Supervision

  • Surveys of Marine and Cargo related damage of all kinds

  • Hold Inspection (Normal/AQIS)

  • Loss prevention surveys and investigations

  • Outturn Surveys

  • Heavy Lift / Project Cargo Surveys

  • Vessel Condition Surveys

  • On / Off Hire Surveys

  • P & I Condition Surveys

  • H & M Surveys

  • Cargo Loss / Damage Claims

  • Oil and Gas tanker Quantity Surveys

  • Container Surveys (Dry / Reefer)

  • Warehouse Surveys

  • Recommendation of Loss minimizing measures

Cargo Surveys: We conduct comprehensive cargo surveys, including initial hatch opening surveys, Bill of Lading or continuous outturn surveys, and tallies for various commodities such as steel products, fruit, meat, fish, reefer cargoes, rice, sugar, and other bag cargoes. Our expertise extends to heavy lifts, machinery, project cargoes, bulk cargoes, and steel surveys. Additionally, we offer container inspection services covering stuffing, stripping, securing, and handling damages and repairs.

Cargo Inspections: We provide thorough and reliable inspection services for the maritime industry. Our experienced surveyors conduct inspections to ensure compliance, safety, and quality standards are met.

Project Cargoes: We manage complete inventory, packaging, and transportation for project cargoes from inception to arrival at the destination.

Hull Surveys: Our hull surveys cover damage assessments for hulls, equipment, and machinery. We provide vessel condition and vetting services for sale and purchase, chartering, or insurance coverage. Our assessments include vessel fitness for cargo loading, encompassing hold cleaning, condition, and water tightness. We also handle surveys for collisions, groundings, and other marine accidents.

Marine Surveys: We conduct on and off-hire bunker and condition surveys, draft surveys for bulk cargo quantities, and general average surveys.

Bunker Surveys: Our bunker surveying arm is highly efficient in meeting customer demands. We have a proven track record of achieving significant cost savings for our clients.

Claims Representation: AMS is your trusted partner for claims handling. If your cargo arrives damaged, contact us for representation.

Consultancy Services: We offer expert consultancy services to assist our clients in making informed decisions. Our consultants provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their extensive knowledge and experience.

Tankers: Our tanker services include addressing cargo shortages, contamination issues, and expediting cargo operations. We also provide ullaging and sampling services for petroleum products, vegetable oil, molasses, and all bulk liquid cargoes.

Quality Assurance: With our expertise in marine surveying and cargo inspection, we have successfully completed numerous projects for clients in the maritime industry.

If a service is not covered in the above list, please feel free to call us. We will do our best to assist you, and if another firm can better serve your needs, we will make a suitable referral.



Marine & Cargo Surveys:

Our marine & cargo surveying services cover a broad spectrum, including:

Connecting International Businesses

Connecting international businesses and unlocking opportunities through our extensive network. Our headquarters are located in Sri Lanka, with additional operations in Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and the Maldives.

Quality Assurance

At Asian Marine Surveyors (Pvt) Ltd, we pride ourselves on our extensive international network, offering comprehensive survey reports and claim handling services tailored for the maritime industry. Operating on a global scale, we represent over 5 countries and continue to expand our footprint worldwide. Our team of experts specializes in the professional handling of claims and the meticulous preparation of high-quality survey reports.

Key Services:

  1. General Full P&I Condition Survey with ULD Test:

  • Available in Sri Lanka, Maldives, UAE, and Oman.

  1. Hold Inspection:

  • Conducted in both normal and AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) standards.

  • AQIS inspections are available in UAE and Oman.

  1. Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tests:

  • Utilizing advanced ultrasonic equipment.

  • Available in Sri Lanka, Maldives, UAE, and Oman.

  1. Specialized Experience:

  • Expertise in handling LPG quantity surveys.

  • Extensive experience with Reefer/Perishables.

For any survey instructions or inquiries, please direct them to our centralized email address:

Your maritime needs, our global expertise.

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